*Back in the saddle…kinda

So, how’s everyone been?  The day after my last post, we ended up welcoming our second son into this world.  He’s doing well as is mom.  As anyone with kids may know, they can take a little out of you, and the collective circling of the wagons to get them adjusted all while taking care of mama can certainly absorb a bit of your leisure time.  Unfortunately for me, this leisure time is where I find hidden moments with which to blog normally and as they’ve been few and far between, I figured I’d focus more on the family whenever the opportunity arose.  Hence the blog falloff.

Anyhoo, Little Baby What’s His Face is now a big brother to little A’la Mode.  They already have partnered up to create an amazing duo of chaos and unadulterated love.  Sleep has increasingly gone the way of film and is becoming harder to come by as well as demanding a much higher premium.  One kid is a good challenge.  Two is straight up work.  Work that I absolutely love though, I’ll just try to find time to finish off some of the articles I’ve got started and waiting in the wings.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring, I know I am.

Cheers and happy shooting,


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16 thoughts on “*Back in the saddle…kinda

  1. Congratulations! You’ll be a busy man for a while, I expect. I’m sure baby A’la Mode will be showing up around here any day now – other than his little feetses.

  2. Congrats Tyson. We’ve got three in the house, which is more than a handful. As you know, these early days go by fast, so take as much time as you can to enjoy them.



    • Thanks Eric,

      It’s been a whirlwind of family and friends coupled with bouts of late night quality baby time/reading to stay awake. Not sure if we’ll ever make it to three, but I can now say, unequivocally, I have so much more respect for parents with multiple kiddos… Thanks for stopping in to comment and providing yet more motivation by setting a killer example, I’m a daily reader, sometimes multiple times a day to keep up with all the fun things popping up of late.


  3. can’t wait to meet the lil man!! thinking about you guys so much. love this feet pic–SO great. x

    • Girl, are you done globe trotting? If so, getchyo boys and head over. Would love for the next chapter of the NoNePo kidz posse to be written, preferably if we didn’t have to attempt to travel with Mr Grumpy Bum Mc Hungry Pants Esq. III yet. It’s gonna be straight up nice this week, also happy early moms day!

  4. Love your narratives and sense of humor. Take the time for family as they grow and watch your photo galleries expand beyond control. Sleep is highly overrated anyway…….that too is why I do the midnight posting..zzzzzzz

    • Thank you Mark! Yes, I’ve spent the better part of my adult life finding excuses to avoid sleep, so one might say I’ve truly trained for this. Although, if I’m being honest, I wish that to further prepare myself while staying up ’til the wee hours of the morning in days past, I would have had someone follow me around while screaming and being completely unconsolable (regardless of any attempts to peacefully quell their shenanigans), all while they pooped into a fan. Kinda like a combination of A Clockwork Orange meets Man vs Wild, while juggling flaming tennis balls, but in an enjoyable way.
      :) t

  5. Congratulations to you Tyson. Kids are fun and stress all together. I know because I have two boys and now one of them has a boy and a girl. My wife and I are now getting more stress with our grandchildren. But we are very happy. God Bless.

    • Thank you very much Lew,

      One of the greatest rewards of my own parenting adventures has been how excited we’ve been able to make the grandparents. I’d always assumed that when you reached the grandparent stage, you got to do a bit more in the way of phoning it in. All play, much less work, etc. Now, I know that I was wrong to assume this. Without the respective grandmas around, and all the help they’ve been able to provide, I think both Mrs Squeeze and I would be dead :)

      My best to you and the growing family as well!


  6. Congrats to you and the mrs! and to the big brother too! I hope Mrs R will get the proper queen bee mama treatment this coming weekend ;-)

    • Why thank you Shetha! Long time no chat.

      I certainly better be doling out the queen bee treatment, else I may be sleeping outside on the new patio LBWHF and I have been building to commemorate mom’s day. Congrats to you guys as well. I don’t think I’ve properly expressed my excitement for your new(er) lil’ guy! Have a wonderful momma’s day yourself. Kick them feet up (or go for a 50 mile bike ride, whatev) and celebrate this weekend in all its beautiful, northwestern spring glory.


      • You are so kind! I’m sure mrs r will love her weekend… We brou get all this sun back from tx for all our Oregon friends! Of course there will be miles in the saddle and a Sunday parkways bike celebration for my mother’s day. Can’t wait!

  7. A little late, but congrats on number two! I’ve got 4 kids under 7, so I hear you on sleep loss :) I can’t imagine my life without the kids – it is an incredible experience that lasts a lifetime…

    • Wow, 4 in 7! The last three months have seriously led me to consider an early vasectomy, but as we start to get our heads above water again, the idea of a possible third has started to surface, although, I’m not sure if it will ever come to fruition :) Thank you, and I completely agree, while I can imagine being better rested, I can’t see my life without these two little monkeys around.

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